A complete loan
management system
for lenders

Loanx is a cloud hosted software platform that helps lenders
manage the smooth running and expansion of their business.


End-to-end Cloud based
Loan management software

Whether you are an established offline, on-line lender or planning a new launch, you will want to ensure you choose the best software platform to promote and manage the smooth running and expansion of your business.
Loanx was designed with the aid of senior online lending professionals within a live lending environment. Loanx not only covers all aspects of loan management but also offers the best value for money.

Group 390

Loan Management

Onboard customers, approve loans, manage disbursements and repayments, accept collaterals. Set loan fees, grace period, and penalties.

Group 393


Offer savings account to your customers. Accept deposits and allow withdrawals. Automatic interest calculations on your savings product. Account statements and transaction history.

Group 394


Dedicated module to offer investments to your customers. Create and manage investment accounts.

Group 389

Direct sales Integration

Connect your direct sales agents with your products, workflows, forms and all processes seamlessly using our DSA application.

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